Joining is FREE. You can also remain a standard member for FREE and have access to most of our merchant coupons. We will soon introduce a premium membership and for a small annual fee you will receive benefits such as bigger discounts and cross-border deals.

When you register, log into your member area (Member menu) and then go to preferences. Here you can set your notification preferences:

  • If you would like notifications (Yes / No)
  • If Yes -
    • Max no of SMS you would like per day
    • The categories from which you would like to receive messages
    • Then the merchants within these categories that you would like to receive messages from
  • If No -
    • You can browse our website and save the coupons you like in your "My Coupons" folder
    • You can also click on the Send to Phone button and you will receive that coupon via SMS

In most cases you will simply need to show the SMS to the merchant and they will honour the offer on the coupon. They may ask for your registered phone number so that they can record the redemption. In that case you will receive an SMS notifying you of the same.

It will depend on the type of coupon and this will be made clear on the coupon (if there is no mention, then it can be used multiple times until expiry).

Simply go to our site, find the coupon and click Send to Phone - and you will receive another SMS.

At times there may be problems with the mobile network provider. So try again after a short period (say 15min). If you still have problems, please contact us.

Please contact us and we will make the changes for you.

Please contact us and we will investigate.

Absolutely! We want to have as many merchants from all categories on our platform. Please send through their details and we will invite them to join.


We offer FREE registration and a FREE trial period

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Yes you can do so at any time. Simply send an email to

Yes we can! Simply contact us. You can also have a look at our resources page which contains articles on best practices and other marketing tools.

There are two areas to consider -

  1. Creating an attractive offer.
  2. Getting this offer to the right people.
So once you've created an offer that you feel is attractive, we give you a variety of digital distribution options to give you the exposure you require. Our system is designed to be more targeted rather than mass distribution, but also easy to share. We've designed it to reach mobile phones which are always with us! In this way your deal will reach an interested audience and be accessible to them at the time they require it.

We have defined 4 types which you can use depending on the type of offer you want to create. Check out this article for tips on which ones to use and when [click here]

  • Value Discount - e.g. $10 off your next purchase.
  • Percentage Discount - e.g. 10% off when you buy two items.
  • Free product - e.g. get a FREE item when you buy this.
  • Special Offer - e.g. Buy 3 items for just $30.

Some of our distribution channels are FREE, others are chargeable. You can see our pricing here [link to pricing page]. However, because our system is designed to target members that are interested in your business, the volume of notifications sent out will typically be less than a mass campaign - which in turn save you money and should bring you better conversion rates.

When a member shows their SMS with your special offer, simply follow the redeem process in your Merchant admin area. This will record that redemption and after a period of time you will be able to look at reports on your coupons, this will include Distribution Methods, No sent out and when (SMS), No members saved to "My Coupons" (web), No redeemed.

This will depend on the Merchant plan you have opted for:

  • Basic - 1 active Coupon
  • Premium - 5 active Coupons
  • Pro - 10 active Coupons

All you need is a device that can access the internet and a browser. So any phone, tablet or laptop / PC with a browser and internet connection will be sufficient. (it is advisable to use a portable device if your business requires your staff going to customers - rather than the customers coming to the pay point)