As a merchant you can use the FiF Loyalty platform to create and distribute your special offer coupons to our members:

  • Web
    • When you create a coupon it will be published to this website.
    • Our members can then save that coupon to their “My Coupons” folder for easy access.
    • They can also have an SMS version sent to their phone by clicking on the send to phone button
  • SMS
    • You can also send an SMS version of your coupon to members that have opted in
    • We ask our members to set notification preferences
    • Those that have opted to receive SMS notifications from your business / category will receive your coupon
  • Email
    • We will compile coupons and send them out via email to our database on a regular basis
  • Social Media
    • Your coupon will also be published to our social media pages
  • Other channels will be introduced shortly including an App that will allow the distribution of rich content.
  • Members will present the SMS to redeem
    • If you would like to track redemptions, simply log into your Merchant area and follow the simple redeem coupon process
    • This is an excellent way to measure the effectiveness of your special offer


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